The Month of February

Almost gone!

We’ve had several weekends of the Tyler kids being here for soccer, greatly enjoyed them, as always! Hung out, watched soccer, played games at home, watched “Toy Story 4” twice (two times more than Gigi wanted haha), read books, chit-chatted, celebrated Elle’s 12th birthday a little late with her requested dinner of steak and mashed potatoes by Chef Grandpa (also including a wedge salad, rolls, and cheesecake and ice cream for dessert).  We’ve decided Jack is adjusting to country life because he told us out of the blue, “you don’t want to stand behind a horse because it might kick you!” Not that they have horses but I suppose someone told him that!

Happy 12th birthday to Elle! We sure do love this girl. We have lots of happy memories of times spent with her: watching her excel at 6th grade and soccer, seeing her having fun with her friends, stopping off at 7-11 for an after-school snack, shopping and going for pedicures, baking with Grandpa, swimming and playing board games at our house, talking about life and watching her mature. It’s been a little tough having to move to Tyler but she has taken it in stride and I’m sure she will blossom wherever she is. She has a sweet spirit that always shines through and I know she will do great, though I sorely miss having her nearby!

Meanwhile, I’ve been going to lots of meetings, educational events, and block walking to support our upcoming Democratic primary. Fingers crossed we can make some inroads in Texas! I’m really getting sick of politics and wishing we had a very short and limited campaign season before voting. Also wishing we didn’t allow big money in elections. Also wishing we had a different administration in office because these dudes are making me lose my hope.

Rich and I walked through a cool art park on our way to see the Indigo Girls with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. We couldn’t take pix during the concert but had a fabulous time; they sounded amazing and the symphony made the show even better. Loved it!

And to round out the month, Rich had cataract surgery this week–first eye on Monday, follow up on Tuesday, second eye on Wednesday and follow up this morning. Ms. Not-a- Morning-Person had to get up at 6-ish every day so she is looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  🙂  I got to watch both surgeries in a small family waiting room where it was parlayed on a TV screen; also video’d it on my phone in case he wants to watch it later.  Kinda freaky but super interesting! His natural lenses were removed and he now has “bionic” lenses in his eyes. He has done great and had no issues but has to take it easy for awhile so the lenses don’t get dislodged and he doesn’t injure his eyes.  He can’t read or do anything close up for a week, which is driving him a little batty. No rubbing of eyes or bending over or lifting things, etc.  No driving. Thankfully he can watch TV so that keeps him occupied, along with napping. My friends have teased me about cooking, since I NEVER cook, but he has been happy with soup and sandwich, leftovers, and frozen pizza. Okay, I would try to make him something better if he wanted it but those were his requests, just saying.  He’s probably trying to make it easy on me but I am not going to push it. LOL The girls did send us a gift card for Door Dash so we can order a meal or two that way as well.

Here’s to March and more adventures!