Elle and Gigi Day

As I mentioned in a previous post, I told Elle we would go out and do something for her birthday since she didn’t really want anything in particular for a gift.  She wasn’t sure what to do and we were throwing out ideas like “lunch,” “dinner,” “pedicures,” “go somewhere you’ve never been,” “try something new,” “shopping,” etc.  She said she couldn’t decide so I suggested she could make a list and randomly choose one if they were all equally appealing to her.  She messaged me one night, “I did eenie, meenie, minie, mo and it came up SHOPPING!” LOL Now I have no idea if shopping was her first choice anyway or if she really did randomly pick it but we decided we would go out on Monday since she had a school holiday. First we went to lunch at Jason’s Deli (after being rear-ended at a red light on the way….no real damage but scared us a little!), then she decided she wanted to go to the mall “since there might be sales for President’s Day.”  She had some money from her Great Grandmother on her dad’s side, plus I was intending to buy her a little something.  We wandered around, then she wanted to go to Bath and Body Works and get some hand sanitizers so we browsed awhile and she decided on a small case that can hang on her backpack and hold a sanitizer, and 5 mini sanitizers for $6 on sale.  Bargain!

We left there and she said she’d seen some people with bags that said “Slush” on them so she was wondering what store that was.  She said maybe makeup but she didn’t know if they had kids’ stuff.  We found a directory and eventually realized the store name was “Lush,” not “Slush” and set off to locate it. Well, it was heaven on earth and we had a good time looking at all of the natural soaps, lotions, shampoos, bath bombs, lip balms etc.  One of the staff did a demonstration of a bath bomb, something else that made the water bubbly, and another item containing bath oil.  Elle was very impressed with the cake shampoo so she decided to buy some of that, along with a container to hold it, and also some minty lip scrub.  A very successful foray into a new-to-us store.

Finally we drove to her favorite bookstore, Interabang Books, where she found Grenade by Alan Gratz, the author of Refugee, which she loved.

It was super fun to have a day with my girl, just hanging out and talking about all kinds of topics.  I really do cherish these moments because I know it will not always be so easy to get to spend time with the grandkids as they get older and establish their own lives. Hopefully these are happy memories for her, too.

More February Happenings

We babysat on Friday night so Sarah and Miles could have a Valentine’s date. The kids love to play games so we had some rousing rounds of Uno, Mexican Train, and Family Feud before bedtime.

Our friend Karen came to visit Saturday and Sunday. We mostly sat around chatting but went out for Mexican food Saturday night and then over to Sarah’s Sunday to say hello. We brought the boys home with us while Elle played soccer out in the cold, windy weather. Beck was dying to make something from his “M&M” cookbook which he brought over to our house. Since Rich was finishing up Elle’s cheesecake for her party, I told Beck I’d help after Karen went home. I went to the store and bought a brownie mix (and the M&M baking bits) since we didn’t have a lot of time. LOL Easy way out! He didn’t really know the difference so we opened the cookbook to an M&M brownie recipe, he and Jack stirred up the box mix and additional ingredients and everyone was happy.

Valentine’s Day

Rich doesn’t like to go out to dinner on holidays. As a retired chef, he has a lot of sympathy for the kitchen staff!  So he planned an early Valentine’s treat, taking me out to Urban Taco for lunch, followed by dessert at Baldo’s, places we had not tried before, knowing that I love both tacos and ice cream.  🙂  Both were great and we especially enjoyed the flight of gourmet mini ice cream cones in flavors like olive oil, cinnamon/cayenne, berry sorbet, salted caramel, cookie dough, and Texas toast. Yum.

More birthdays

Our granddaughter Elle turned 11 on Feb. 11. She is a smart, sassy, talented, kind, sweet girl and we love her tons.  I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said, “I got everything I wanted for Christmas so I don’t need a thing.”  I made her a photo book which she seemed to love and told her I’d take her out one day to do something she wanted to do.  We stopped by on her birthday for cupcakes before she went to her Bible study that night.  Her birthday party with friends was planned for the 17th at an escape room. At the last minute, one girl had to cancel so Sarah asked me if I wanted to take her place. Oh my goodness, the escape room was so hard. Sarah, Miles and I had no clue and the 11 year olds were just randomly trying anything.  We had to keep getting hints from our “guide” and still didn’t finish in the hour’s time we were allotted. I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing and didn’t think it was well planned out but that’s just me.  The kids had fun anyway, then back to Sarah’s house for pizza and homemade cheesecake by Grandpa (specially requested by Elle).

One of my fellow volunteers turned 95!  I hope to be as put-together and active as she is when I reach that age! She’s the cute redhead.

Quick Trip to Clyde

Enjoyed hanging out with Susan, Corey and kids for a couple of days. Susan was off work so we had a nice day by ourselves while Corey was at his job and the kids were at school. That doesn’t happen very often! We did a little shopping, went out to lunch at our favorite Hickory Street Cafe, famous for its chicken salad and zucchini bread, then went to the early show of “A Star is Born,” which we both loved.  Got home in time to meet the kids after school and later over to our friend Jim’s house for pizza and a fun visit with a few friends.

Our Little Actor

Beck’s acting academy had its annual awards dinner and we were excited to join in on the festivities.  A limousine was parked out front so the kids could take pictures exiting onto the red carpet–big fun! Beck was nominated for three awards for his first acting gig and received the runner-up trophy for “outstanding featured actor” as Bob Cratchit in “A Seussified Christmas Carol.”  He was so happy!